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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Update 1.23
Update 1.23
Update date 17 March 2017
Steam build 1693527
GOG Version
Platform(s) PS4/PC
Release Pathfinder
Update chronology
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Update 1.23 is the 13th update to No Man's Sky.


Update 1.23 is the 13th update to No Man's Sky released on 17 March 2017 to Playstation 4 and PC.

It addresses some of the main issues/bugs reported since the launch of the Path Finder Update The previous update is 1.22.


  • Sentinel drones now investigate correctly when in a vehicle
  • Improved vehicle audio
  • Exocraft Mining Lasers are now easier to aim up
  • Colossus camera is now slightly further back when moving at speed
  • Fixed issue with Colossus Exocraft’s wheels sinking through the ground
  • Adjust colossus collision to make it harder to go underground
  • The animation when exiting the Colossus is improved
  • Exocraft mining laser uses less fuel but is less effective in combat
  • Fixed a bug causing poor performace when in a vehicle near predator creatures


  • Fixed a visual issue with the T-shaped corridor
  • Fix for ladders vanishing in bases
  • Fixed a crash when uploading and downloading bases using Steam Workshop
  • Enable Steam Controller in base reporting and Steam Workshop base upload


  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause players to fall through the floor when exiting a ship
  • Fixed texturing issue in freighter bases
  • Fixed and inventory exploit when purchasing multiple ships in a freighter that allows you to duplicate your ship’s inventory
  • Fixed a bug that causes freighters to be too cheap
  • You can no longer build the Exocraft Terminal in freighter bases, this prevented players from being able to complete the vehicle missions
  • Fix for ships spawning on top of each other


  • Optimised HBAO so that it runs faster
  • Added an option to lock framerate on PS4 to 30 fps to keep the frame rate stable
  • Fixed a crash in physics
  • Fixed a crash resulting from running out of memory
  • Fix for certain UI elements having over-saturated colours in HDR
  • Fix for font anti-aliasing in HDR
  • Improved performance of UI rendering in HDR
  • Fix for HDR rendering being dark on some TV models
  • Added error messaging for failed uploads to Steam Workshop
  • Increased yield from Autonomous Field Mining Units
  • Fixes for the white sphere that shows when at the photo mode boundary
  • Default to frame lock on for PS4 and off for PS4Pro
  • Fixed an issue caused when dying in permadeath with the inventory screen open