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The subject of this article is from the Living Ship update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 6 April, 2020.

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Pinning Recipes[]

Pinning Recipes

  • Instructions for how to craft new technology, products and building parts can be pinned as a mission.
  • Pin recipes using for items and Key I for base parts.
  • Pinning creates an entry in your Mission Log with step-by-step instructions on how to find or create the component parts of that item. only one item can be pinned at a time.
  • As well as recipes, guides to locate raw materials can also be pinned. Pin these instructions from the Catalogue.
  • Recipes can be wherever you see the product or technology listed: within the Build Menu or from any popup in the Inventory.

Refining Substances[]

Refining Substances

  • Advanced materials and construction may require the used of a Refiner. Construct a refiner from the Build Menu (Key Z). Large refines require a habitable base.
  • Refiners take harvested or raw materials and process them into more condensed or advanced materials.
  • Refined elements (eg Condensed carbon) not only take up less space, but also provide greater charge to basic systems than common elements (eg Carbon).
  • Larger refinery units take multiple inputs, allowing user to experiment with the combination of materials.
  • Combining materials may generate exclusive substances or allow more efficient recipes.
  • Simple, portable refiners require external fuel to use. Large refiners wired into structure of a base do not.

Upgrading your Equipment[]

Upgrading your Equipment

  • Visit the Marketplace aboard most Space Stations to find a wide array of merchants. Technology merchants will sell Upgrade Modules.
  • Blueprints allow you to craft new technologies. Purchase blueprints aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • You will have to find the materials yourself, but you will always be able to install the technology in your Exo-suit, or any Starship or Multi-tool you own.
  • Upgrade Modules are one-off purchases. They upgrade a specific Exosuit, Starship or Multi-Tool technology you have already installed. Each upgrade has slightly different properties, and users are advised to experiment with different configurations.
  • Install an upgrade Module by selecting it in the Inventory with (Key F) and deploying it to an empty General or Technology Slot with LPM.
  • Upgrades installed adjacent to other upgrades of the same type will provide an additional boost, further improving device performance.
  • You cannot have more than three upgrades active for the same technology subsystem. Doing so will cause the upgrades to become non-functional until sufficient modules are removes to restore power.

Earning Nanites[]

Earning Nanites

  • Nanite Clusters are a valuable material, a strange substance that bubbles up from cracks in reality. Nanites are used as a currency for purchase of Equipment Upgrades.
  • Nanites are earned from a variety of sources as you explore. many outposts and relics offer a chance to earn nanites as you explore their interiors and uncover their mysteries. Maps to such planetary sites can be purchased from the Cartographer on the Space Station.
  • Discoveries are made by landing on planets, visiting new systems, or scanning objects with the Analysis Visor.
  • Nanites are earned for each discovery Uploaded for other Travellers to see. Upload discoveries from the Discoveries tab.
  • Traveller Iterations Ares and Helios are found aboard the Space Anomaly. They seek new items and data each day, and offer nanites in exchange.
  • Specific missions offered from the Nexus and the Listing Agent aboard the Space Station are frequently a rich source of Nanites.
  • Finally, Fleet Expeditions dispatched from your Capital Ship often return with large quantities of Nanites.

Recipes and Blueprints[]

Recipes and Blueprints

  • Upgrade Modules can be purchased ready crafted from technology merchants. These merchants are also a useful source of pre-built components. Seek out in the Space Station Marketplace, or find them in smaller planetary shops.
  • To craft products and technologies yourself, you must learn their blueprints.
  • Learn the plans for specific technologies by visiting research aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • Product recipes are more rare and must be sought out by raiding various planetary installations. Find directions to such installations by exchanging data with a space station Cartographer.

Buying New Multi-Tool[]

Buying New Multi-Tool

  • New Multi-Tools can be purchased in Space Stations and Planetary Outposts.
  • After purchase, your Multi-Tool can be renamed.
  • Only one Multi-Tool can be owned at a time. Trade in your existing Multi-Tool for a discount on new models.
  • Technology will need to be reinstalled in new models.
  • Different styles of Multi-Tool can dramatically increase your ability to harvest resources, scan discoveries or fight. Multi-Tool can also be found at different base power levels: C, B, A and S-Class.
  • Some damaged Multi-Tool may be acquired for free. This is an excellent way to acquire high-value technology on a limited budget. The slots in these tools will need to be repaired to restore the device to full capabilities.

Buying New Ships[]

Buying New Ships

  • Purchase ships wherever you see pilots landing: at Space Stations, Freighters, Planetary Outposts, or other small buildings.
  • After purchase, your new ship can be renamed. You can own up to six ships in your fleet. Use the Quick Menu to summon your ships at any time.
  • Alternatively, trade in your existing ship for a discount on your new vessel. Technology will need to be reinstalled in new models. Do not forget to transfer cargo first!
  • Some damaged starships may be acquired for free. This is an excellent way to acquire high-value technology on a limited budget. The technology in these ships will be repaired to restore it to full capabilities.
  • Ships come with specialisations, increasing their stats and altering their handling capabilities. Examine different starships at a space station to learn more. Ships come in a range of classes C, B, A and S-Class.