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As expected, dialogs are way more complicated to deal with than Secure Sites/Puzzles.

Those dialogs seem to contain everything related to interaction, from shop missions to interactions with your Freighter's Navigator...

Not all those interactions are organized the same, rendering the process of filtering on them non-trivial. A lot of dedicated work needs to be done to sort them out, and a tailored job needs to be done on each subset. Not out of reach, but targeted processing is cumbersome. (A) target subset(s) need(s) to be specified and work focused on those.


I see, well thanks for trying anyway. Actually - maybe you could see if it would be possible to do just the trivial dialogs? I.e. if your script processes a dialog without encountering any edge conditions/complications - then it can append the dialog result to the output file, but if it encounters any additional complexity in a dialog - skip it, and try the next dialog. The hope is - that we will get at least the monolith dialog output (I've checked - they are in those 2 files, along with dialogs of the actual NPCs). Just monolith dialogs alone would already be a valuable table in its own right. Trajos (talk) 18:41, 15 August 2020 (UTC)
OK I will tackle those Monolith thingys if there is a programmatic way to filter them out of the flock. I will keep you posted once I will have attempted that.