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Ex-pat Canuck, domiciled across Japan, Australia, East and Southeast Asia since 1998

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Hi Celab- just saw the category adding you did for YRP Amskyv-Zonog‎. I created a system-category in a system-category. May you can delete it for me? Thanks alot

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Is it necessary to create a category for each post in addition to the post itself?

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In general we try to set up the categories to group pages correctly. Its not mandatory you do it, but its nice if you do it at the star system level if you create a bunch of planets and moons in the system.

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Hello. I just realized I did a few changes in a post of yours I've been using as a reference for my posts. Apologies for that, I really didn't mean to. The post is AGT 000-100. The changes were made in the Points of Interest/Waypoints infobox. I deleted a few and published a different one's coords. Sorry...

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I just noticed there's an "Undo" botton. Anywawy I think I could fix it. I'll be more carefully from now on.

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Since DDF took his day off and there are only 4 people with the powers to intervene, I just inform you and Artifexy as well.

Maybe you want to end this ping pong. I really don't want to press undo anymore... can't even postpone the IP rights to undo either until DDF reviewed his "request" for deletion. As if there was any discussion to delete in the first place.

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opps sorry I didnt see this earlier. I believe DDF has sorted it though as the admin team had a review of it.

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May I use a photo of a creature you took for a story? I can't really find a creature that fits in my own game, so yeah.

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Sorry I didnt notice this earlier, yes please go ahead.

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