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Ex-pat Canuck, domiciled across Japan, Australia, East and Southeast Asia since 1998

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Hey Celab, I saw you built a Multitool template page. The coords look weird in my opinion, just written out, so I created a macro that can convert normal infobox coords to the coords macro (I guess we all prefer the standardized look of the latter). Don't know if it is really necessary, just thought it might be helpful to standardize these things. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Thanks very much. That was on my to do list. You may not be aware but in the AGT we do not hand craft our wiki pages we auto create them using a series of Google sheet macros that front end for a Firebase database. We pass the coordinates string to the wiki template as a single parameter so , yes this macro was indeed needed.

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If you also want to automate the gallery, I've also written a Gallery macro that works with parsed inputs and logic from templates (although no macros work inside it sadly). Interesting approach to make wiki editing accessible for more people by using google forms, we don't really have that in the Hub. I just recently learned how to create these templates and built my own starship page template that can create starship/freighter/living ship pages for GHub and EisHub. Feeding it with a google sheet would probably encourage more people to participate in wiki documentation.

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Yea we have been doing that in the AGT for over a year, we have a semi-automated process that collects info from Google Forms or Google Sheets, fills in a Firebase database. (Corvax in the Ghub has seen part of our process) We currently use google sheets to generate a wiki page layout. IMHO given the changes in release updates from HG often change the particular aspects of a game attribute, Im reluctant to do anything but the most simple IF this parm is present then display inside Template:PAGE templates as it runs risk of making legacy pages inconsistent in future due to maintenance issues. Happy to discuss if you want to pop into Discord DM.

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