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Hey, I have a problem. The page for my home system, ( V), claimed it was discovered by Peacebomb on 12/17/20 and claimed by InExCor. I discovered it on XBOX at 7/8/19 and built and uploaded a base. What are the rules for this sort of dispute?

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what does the system say now (as who uploaded it)? After the Expeditions update (4-1-2021) systems were supposed to finally default to the first originally uploaded name. If it changed you could create a new 'Expeditions' page. Currently the InExCor page clearly pictures the system is first discovered by him, but at that time platforms were separate; whatever it is now is what it will be.

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I dunno... I discovered it before the Origins update, when platforms were separate, so I'm not sure.

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Hi. Celab99 mentioned that you were mainly responsible for the new look of the AGT pages. Just wanted to say that they look really good.

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I have not seen much interest yet in a formal roleplay aspect for a science accord, as I'd proposed, but there does seem to be interest, including from the Galactic Hub, in a directory of science divisions/efforts/projects. I.e. a page that links to existing galleries or pages of civs and players.

I'd be happy to put such a directory together, but would like to secure your approval first since it's a bit unconventional relative to wiki categories.

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Hi there, I had an idea about a potential player project, and posted on reddit about it. Would value your feedback if you'd like to take a look:

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Question - is there an easy way to show all fauna related to a civ/company, similar to the CARGOCivSystems table?

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CARGOCreaturesCiv, single parameter should be the civ or company name.

The parameter can be exact text or using pattern matching for % and ?

Please let us know if you have any additional questions about it!

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The info for "Discovered by" is inside the system information on the topright. The subsection seems pointless unless you want to add additional information about the expedition or the actual date. Bonoel

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To provide somewhat of a standard look-and-feel to the page and the TOC, pages of a specified type have defined section headers (even if they are empty).

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Somebody created a page Golden vector with not much information which clashes with Golden Vector page. Could you please delete it?

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Why does the main page still show "Companions 3.35"?

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