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Avatar for Samusnews

hi bro!!! i see u create a cargo table from wiki, i trying create a cargo table for wiki pt-br but i don't have sucess couse idk where i wrong, so i my need help from u of course if u can. for create a cargo table correct. ty.

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

Are you wanting to create a Portuguese version of the wiki, or an actual CARGO query?

If a query, what do you want the query to do? It is best for CARGO queries to be designed by our admin team, not by our editors.


Você deseja criar uma versão em português do wiki ou uma consulta CARGO real?

Se for uma consulta, o que você deseja que ela faça? É melhor que as consultas CARGO sejam elaboradas por nossa equipe de administração, não por nossos editores.

Avatar for Lenni009

The pt-br wiki does not have the Cargo extension enabled and therefore you cannot create Cargo tables. You have to request the activation from Fandom. However, it is unlikely they will active it due to performance concerns. They made a big exception for the German wiki tho, so maybe you have some luck.

Avatar for Thamalandis

Hey DDF, as you know my region pages etc. have a lot more detail, including the "neighbor region" segments etc. I find those very informative and important. Those are of course NOT the wiki standard. As such some people have wanted to copy the region stats in front of the added information of the page, which just threatens to bury it below 400+ lines of systems (if all would be added).

That is a horrible idea. For one most of the Location information is basic info and should be topside, and as always people don't scroll.

It's an odd unflexible idea to demand "page standard" (see: ) and add all bonus at the end, even if giant tables are in front of it you'd put at the end of a page, just because it is not part of a standard.

Of course it ain't standard, the standard of the wiki is barebones. The idea should not be to blind faith adhere to "standard + X" in the layout. That ruins the fluid integration of the "+X".

I really don't like the posting of the tables and restructuring the pages of the Outer Rim by Celeb and Peace to "Layout + X". That creates a disgusting result.

Avatar for Alkmayix

Hello there, sorry I haven't posted in a bit as far as pages go. I was trying to relearn the formatting since Fandom has changed it completely. I have a backlog of discoveries but now I am unsure how best to continue since I was having issues with both versions of the editor. It's effectively impossible for me to create pages currently though as it stands due to issues I'm having.

I was trying to use Source Editor Mode but when I was using that tables were not filling anything I put in and then none of my text was visible. On top of those 2 issues everything was horrendously misaligned to the point I cannot tell which line I am actually working on. IF I preview the page I can see some of my text that I have put in but tables and such do not show up. Certain things also were refusing to delete. I couldn't get rid of the stub segment or any of the text that is there that even says "delete this when you're done"

Visual wasn't populating with the template I was trying to use at all. However if I use the visual Editor for an existing page it doesn't have many issues, though I'm still trying to learn it.

Disregard the above I think I have figured it out. I found the update about how things very recently changed. I will see if it is fixed, if not I'll post again, sorry for the mess.

Avatar for Alkmayix

Oh okay, one last question as I'm not sure how to do it as I don't see it in the templates. How do I link my systems back to the region page? This is the only wiki I create pages for so I don't know how to do that ^^; I had meant to ask sooner since I make myself a backlog and then do a bulk upload. I don't wanna trouble you with that every time I make new systems.

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

On the star page, make sure that the "region=" parameter has the name of the region in it. That's all you need to do.

The list on the region page is updated automatically, although it may take awhile based on the data refresh schedule that Fandom has in place.


Avatar for Alkmayix

Oh I mean the linking. I put something there when I'm doing pages but then it seems to not stick or something since you always put it in and when I try to view the page history to see what I'm not doing I cannot see any history of what is done to the page.

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

Can you give me a specific example I can look at?

Avatar for Alkmayix

As of right now no, I just get a notice about you adding linking and it is not in edit history of a page. So I have absolutely no idea what I need to do, to do it myself. I just get a notice "Ddfairchildd added linking for x page to y page" I cannot bring up my notification history to show it either. I fill in region on the template and such so I'm not sure what it is doing.

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

I wonder if it has to do with creating a matching category page. Well, next time you get one, just copy and paste the message and we'll go from there. Thanks!

Avatar for NunkiII

Hi ddfair, did you changed the source editing view? Since a few days I can only create new pages in the colored highliting syntax. I tried changes in my preferences but I can't go to the white text version as I was used to before. Thanks for help.

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

No, this is something from the FANDOM side.

1) Edit your My Preferences (lower left) and go to the Editing tab. Make sure your Preferred Editor says Source Editor. If not, change it and save your preferences.

2) Edit a page and in the toolbar, find the "Advanced" button/dropdown. Look directly to the left and see if there is an icon that looks like a highlight marker with a tooltip of "Syntax Highlighting". If so, click it to turn it off.

Let me know if that fixes it for you (and if it doesn't we'll try something else).


Avatar for NunkiII

Nice description as always. Works fine. Thanks a lot!

Avatar for Sapph01

Hey, thanks for accepting the DeepSpace Dealership as a company! I checked the changes you made and I'll keep those in mind for future pages. The description has some errors on the main Companies page though. Just letting you know, cause I don't know if I can correct that myself.

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

Can you fill me in on exactly what needs to be corrected? Thanks!

Avatar for Sapph01

Companies -> Company Directory -> DeepSpace Dealership

Can you change it into this? Thanks!

"The DeepSpace Dealership specializes in the delivery of Freighters, Ships, Multitools and Pets in the No Man's Sky universe. The company's mission is to offer members and clients this service in order to facilitate their progress and improve their game experience."

Avatar for Intothedoor

Hello - I hope you can help; without explanation an editor added 'noshow = noshow' to the info box on these pages: HISTORY: HUB1-151 HODER (VISIONS) & HUB1-151 HODER (LIVING SHIP). The words themselves seem awful, did I miss something? however, I assume there is more to it. I would love to learn about this and understand it.

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

Give me a shout on Google chat... (and welcome back)

Avatar for Thamalandis

If the community wishes to further structure and analyse all subtype of planets involved in Exotification, we need to give Exotification its own main page and use it as a hub to link to or from depending on the subject matter. This includes Chameleon Planet as a subtype of a verdant undergoing chromatic exotification.

Do you have any input to the idea behind it. This is in regard to ABS's discussion.

Avatar for AbstractBlackStork

Hi, i've added a new planet classification for Chameleon Planets. Can you please review it and apply to it proper categories or suggest how to integrate it, I am still learning from you guys.

Also, I think that numbers in Biome Probabilities table are incorrect, I encountering quite great amount of Red and Blue Exotic anomaly Planets in Yellow systems of Ancestral galaxy

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

I have reviewed the page and made a couple of changes. For reference, all pages need a couple of things.

1) the first line should be the Versions template to show what version of the game

2) a short intro sentence that basically says "<PageName> is a whatever-type-of-page-it-is.

3) the first section should be called Summary

4) a relevant category at the bottom.


Avatar for AbstractBlackStork

Hi - i see you added everything mentioned by yourself. I will use your answer for future reference - for new articles. Pls tell me if there is any more action needed on the particular page.

Avatar for Dreichh

Hello, apologies for my Wiki absence recently, I've been taking a break now the Kosowotine Republic is gone. I just wanted to inquire as to the Kosforr Travellers Guild, which uses the name of the former capital of the KR (soon to be the capital of its actual successor state) and is set up by some of the former government of the KR, meaning it is presumably meant to be a successor state of sorts. I'm not involved with civ politics as such any more but I will maintain a Wiki presence at least until all the 'loose ends' of the KR are tied up, and I don't want any sort of edit war between a 'civ' claiming private land and the land's owners, of which there are several - what do you reckon could be done about this?

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

At this point, the only similarity appears to be the name similarity. They are in the Itlhotagra galaxy, which is far removed from the former Kosowotine holdings, correct? At this point I don't see a conflict, but I'll keep my eyes open.

Avatar for Armitagenhc

Hey, after finally understanding the coordinates/glyphs system I've created two new templates that may be useful... First one converts galactic coordinates to portal glyphs (Template:Coords2Glyphs) and the second one does the opposite (Template:Glyphs2Coords). There is a small data loss when converting glyphs to coordinates as there is no place to store the planet index (the very first glyph), so glyphs may be preferable. Converting coordinates to glyphs will always put the player on the first planet (index '1'). Let me know what you think! Thanks

Avatar for AbstractBlackStork

Hello, regarding Aptarkaba page - system Rakund-ong.holde.apta.arfl appears to be gateway system on Aptarkaba page but its not gateway system, and on planet page I stated it's not Gateway system. Can you suggest/apply edits to Aptarkaba page to ensure data is accurate? And huge thanks for edits - I learn from them how to maintain/keep the content tidy here

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

It's been taken care. My guess is that at one time you had the gateway= parm set to Yes in the infobox. The display was showing based on that entry, and just hadn't refreshed yet.


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