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Computer programmer, board gamer, scifi reader from the 70s, fan of STOS and No Man's Sky

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Thank you for changing my wiki edits , i am new to this and just started learning it all ... so making my pages right is really appreciated.

ill keep in mind the notes you make on my edits and learn from them , will really appreciate any further edits&help if needed .

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Glad to help - feel free to jump on discord and contact me there if you want to do some more in-depth discussion. Mortaine and I talk a lot there.

BTW, one of the changes I made was in regards to Pizza's Hut. It was originally created with a "fancy quote" instead of the standard single quote mark. We try hard to avoid punctuation in page names if we can, but if we do use it, we try to use standard formatting for consistency.


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Hello. I have a question about Civilized Space. Can a civ. have territory in other galaxies? For example, the Korvaxium Empire's main systems are in Eissentam. Could they also have systems in other galaxies like Euclid or Sudzerbal.? Thanks

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

Short answer, yes.

Long answer, yes, but.

To me, it's more impressive for a civ to have 25 systems documented in their home region than it is to have five systems in each of five different galaxies.

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Hi Ddfairchilldd, Is there a way to sum the ly distances of the discovered regions in my expedition YRP Ping at the edge of the galaxy? thanks

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Something like in Excel, where I sum up the contents (Numbers) in the fields.

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

No, I don't believe there is. Just for curiosity sake, what would that number tell you if you DUD add it up?

Avatar for NunkiII

Not sure. Just a small extra 4fun.

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

I took a look at your page and get the purpose now - "If I'm going to travel this long and winding road, how far will I travel?"

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Hello again, so I am trying to edit the page for Glowing Rudgla and found out there is a moon with the same name as one of the planets I hadn't added to the page yet. What would I need to do on the page to make it not link to that moon? The planet's page hasn't been made yet since I was going to do that after I updated the system's page. The planet has already been named so I can't change it in game now, I am pretty sure I have seen cases of duplicate names before but unsure how to proceed. The planet in question is Teus.

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

Name the page Teus (planetname)

Avatar for Alkmayix

So if I understand right I would name the page Teus (Teus)? I would then need to put that on the star system's page too correct, just making sure I am understanding correctly.

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

Correct. And anywhere you link to that moon, you would use the Teus (Teus) name

Avatar for Toucheaun

I'm kinda new to this wiki editing. Some things are fairly simple, but some seem to give me a headache. Can you help me getting properly started?

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

I can give it a try. What questions do you have?

Avatar for Toucheaun

Well the first problem is I don't know exactly how those links work. And I did not get the glyphs portrayed properly. But there's many little quirks I might have questions about, so could it be possible to contact you more directly?

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

Probably the best way is via discord - I've got my discord ID indicated above in my profile as one of those three circles.

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Thank you Fairchild for all your hard work in helping me to clean up "The 126" as I like to call them, all these articles on the wiki. I thank you for helping me to know what a clean page looks like, and how even to understand the coding and how to work with the source code. Thank you for your help, and I'm thankful to God for Pros like you, and the rest of them.

God Bless, and have a blessed day!

Avatar for Ddfairchildd

You are most welcome! Celab gave me a hand today and it looks like you now have all the pages complete and we've reviewed them all. Look like you're good!

Just for grins - if you do add bases later, add one, then send me a note and I'll review and make sure it's in good form. Then you can use that as a reference going forward.


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So I've been trying to fill out our star system pages and I cannot figure out what "System Location" under "Location Information" is supposed to be filled with. I've looked at a few of the recent star systems of prolific users out there and I have yet to find one with that area filled in. Can you give me some insight?

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Some editors will use this section to indicate the position of the system in space in regards to other nearby systems.

For example IRL you might say, Paris is 1028km from Copenhagen, 7560km from Hyderabad, and 5530km from Boston.

If you have several "important systems" in your civ, you might use those as a standard, i.e. showing how far each new system is from those three systems.

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