No Man's Sky Wiki

Greetings from a Neighbour in Euclid[]

Greetings from Tinker's, and Grats on your work in the Wiki! Quite a lot to browse, and quite an example to follow.

In NMS/Euclid you are one of my nearest neighbours, and as I am slowly finishing setting up my shop as a company ( I am looking around and will try and connect to some Civilisations and Companies in Beta Quadrant. I aim for short, text based RP , completely inGame and in Character.

Pass me a message if you are receptive to the idea, and have fun ;-)

CELAB Galactic Response[]

Certainly feel free to contact using any of the CELAB Galactic Communication channels noted on the wiki page for contact info. You will get the fastest response using Twitter DM or Discord. Adding on Steam would be advised for PC in game sessions. Celab99 (talk) 11:09, 29 July 2020 (UTC)