Usnusven II is an arid desert planet possessing Earth-like terrain with orange and yellow skies.


Geological features of Usnusven II include hilly, semi Earth-like terrains with various ancient alien structures scattered across the surface. In the grassy areas, there are some small rock formations that could provide elements if mined.

The planet also has extensive desert regions with various flagpoles sticking out of the sand, likely serving as markers to aid in navigation.


In the grassy regions of Usnusven II, green grass grows similar to the way it does on Earth, while the desert regions of the planet feature small shrubs and leafless trees.


Usnusven II is home to giant, snake-like land animal, which can move underground at high speeds through the sand. It is likely that these creatures are aggressive towards the player.


  • This planet bears a strong resemblance to Arrakis, the central planet in the Dune series written by Frank Herbert, his son Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson.