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Venom Urchin
Venom Urchin
Category Base Building
Type Plantable Seed
Total Value 1 Units.png
Updated Origins

Venom Urchin is a farmable agricultural product.


Venom Urchin seeds can be acquired from a hired Farmer, or purchased from the Construction Research Station in the Space Anomaly for 3 Salvaged Data.

The venom sacs in this plant will quickly burn through regular gloves and into a player's skin. One drop of the pungent sap of this plant can leave a player temporarily paralyzed. To avoid this, harvesting requires Haz-Mat Gauntlet.

Game description[]

Venom Urchin grown in a hydroponics tank

A small, innocuous looking plant whose leaves periodically secrete a small amount of potent Sac Venom, a valuable trading commodity.

Suitable for hydroponic indoor planting. Cannot be planted outdoors.

Approximate growing time: 3 hours 20 mins


Venom Urchin can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

  • SUBSTANCE.GREEN.2.png Emeril x100  +  SUBSTANCE.ASTEROID.2.png Gold x50  →  NmsFarming Bloodsbane Icon.png Venom Urchin

Additional information[]

  • Growing the plant will produce 1 Sac Venom in roughly 3 hours 20 minutes of real time.

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