Vesta Prime is a desert planet located in the Utwarzers XI system with several species of flora and fauna.

The planet appears as a gold colored rocky planet with light blue spots scattered across the surface. White clouds are also visible in the atmosphere.


The terrain of Vesta Prime is a desert world filled with hilly terrain and large flat lands that may possibly be dried river beds.

The planet appears to have very little moisture.

There are small rocks that may contain elements, if mined.



On the hills of Vesta Prime grow trees similar to African baobab trees as well as black prickly plants that resemble the agave cactus.

Also scattered across the surface of the planet are structures that resemble an archway made out of enormous skeletal bones. It is possible that these structures are a species of flora.


Vesta Prime is home to a species of gigantic, reddish-pink, spiked, dinosaur-like creatures with jagged legs and no arms. They resemble giant flamingos.

The planet is also home to a quadruped species akin to foxes and a winged species that resembles a pterodactyl.