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Vy'keen Dagger
Vy'keen Dagger
Category Curiosity
Type Trade commodity
Total Value 11,688.0 Units.png
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Vy'keen Dagger is a curiosity.


Vy'keen Dagger is a curiosity of Vy'keen origin and one of the trade commodities.

Game description[]

Largely ceremonial weapon. A vital part of Vy'keen tradition and culture.


Additional information[]

  • It can be used when interacting with a monolith in Vy'keen systems to reveal the location of the portal for the planet.
  • It can be given to Vy'keen in some NPC interactions to increase standing.
  • Two are required during the Weapons Research secondary missions.
  • It can be used in Secured Facilities in Vy'keen systems to override security, allowing access.
  • Three daggers may be needed to take command of a settlement in Vy'keen systems.

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