The Vy'keen are a type of alien NPC in No Man's Sky. They are a warrior race of aliens. They are shown through various details to have riches in their family bloodlines and an honor system attached to their species, while giving out their devoted love for a fair fight and aiding those willing to use their weapons for combat.


To find out more about their history, see : Saga of the Vy'keen.


The Vy'keen appear to be a bulky built race with different variations to their sub-species. Notably some with two mouths or a metal beard signalling high royalty or rank. Some other sub-species also include four set of horns or metal ones on each side of their heads. Whilst some others have bigger jaws than the rest.

Standing reputation

The player's "standing" can increase or decrease, depending on choices that are made throughout the game. Higher standing can yield rewards unattainable with lower reputation.

The titles of each reputation level are as follows:

  • Neutral
  • Accomplice
  • Co-conspiritor
  • Close ally
  • Special relationship (highest standing)


Despite their appearances, their attitude towards others is welcoming. They like being addressed formally or aggressively if necessary against travelers for traditional purposes. It comes without saying that to act accordingly with the race of Vy'keen's is to show some sort of heart-ship in fights, acceptance in showing pride, and not acting cowardly. Being respectful in conversation with the Vy'keen is preferable and will likely lead to better relations with the faction.

They will offer to exchange the character's multi-tool for a more combat worthy multi-tool of theirs. Coming into play of fighting and them expecting you to against them for honoring purposes.

Their titles are based on military ranks, such as, Corporal, Conscript, Recruit, Lieutenant, and Warrior.


The Vy'keens refer to everyone, regardless of their species, as a warrior for encouragement; not for intimidation if the character's standing with them is at least considerable for them. However, commoners are known to be called interlopers.


The Vy'keen's ships are at times shown to be small and nimble, with equipped attachments for their ships for space combat and for the odd pesky hostile star ships coming in to steal cargo. Ships tend to be modified towards combat and speed in line with the factions warrior culture.

Known Vy'keens