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The Wardens
The Wardens
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Region Woforssonsi
Capital system Ogxun 10E
Coordinates 046B:0082:0D6E:0154
Founded by Dr.Moroe
Federation member Pathfinder
Platform PC
Release Pathfinder


The Wardens are a mysterious Scientific Directorate operating in the Woforssonsi region of the Euclid galaxy.

They have close ties with many Gek factions in the surrounding regions.

The Science Wing specializes in Epigenetics, Eugenics, Bio-Engineering and Ectogenesis. They are primarily interested in studying Mogara and some Lok species.

The Military Wing patrols the Woforssonsi region, engaging any Sentinel presence interfering with their activities.

The faction's true motivation and agenda remains unclear at this stage.

Capital System[]

Ogxun 10E has been designated as a token temporary Capital system in Euclid until the Woforssonsi region has been fully explored.

However, it is well known that the Directorate operates mainly from their Fleets, keeping their assets mobile.

Rumors also tell that the Wardens may not be native from the Gamma Quadrant, or even the Euclid galaxy, having travelled through Black Holes and Portals to reach their destination.

Wardens Systems[]

The Wardens control an estimated total of 90 Systems and 280 Planets and Moons in the Woforssonsi region.

Scientific Outposts have been established on planets with interesting Mogara species to further facilitate Wardens research.

To see a detailed list of all star systems, go to Woforssonsi Star Systems.

Here are some interesting systems:

  • Anwey 123 - Experimental pistol. AquaSphere. Vortex Cube. Rigogen.
  • Arsarc 20A - Experimental pistol. Calium. Radnox. Vortex Cube. Cool Ships.
  • Bardiso D0 - Alien pistol. NipNip price +105.3% (Starship Trader). Mogaras with facemasks. Radnox. Vortex Cube.
  • Ogxun 10E - Wardens Capital. Albumen Pearl price +98.3% (GTT). Calium. Gravitino Ball. Rigogen.
  • Orbuk E3 - Largest Diplo in Euclid? (8.22m).
  • Uipin 135  •  Albumen Pearl price +110.8% (GTT) • Murrine • Calium • Aquasphere • Rigogen
  • Ramo E1 - Gravitino Balls price +110.3% (GTT). Small masked Mogaras. Gravitino Ball.
  • Ward 8D - Largest Woforssonsi Mogara (6m). Marked Portal. NipNip price +96.8% (Starship Trader).
  • Yenox 91 - NipNip price +108.1% and Vortex Cube price +103.1% (Starship Trader). Radnox. Cool Ships.


The Wardens are governed by a Scientific Directorate, a small "Council" of scientists that holds all political power.

The "Council" is composed of 8 members: 7 Councilors and 1 Director. The members are:

  • Director Moroe
    • Councilor Dr.De Camp
    • Councilor Dr.Boulle
    • Councilor Dr.Stapledon
    • Councilor Dr.Clark
    • Councilor Dr.Cordwainer
    • Councilor Dr.Brin
    • Councilor Dr.Swann

The "Director" is elected from the 8 voting members for a 10 year mandate. His mandate and council member position can be revoked with a Majority Revocation Vote from the 7 other members.

Each of the 8 members has one vote to cast regarding any major political decision for the Directorate. The Director (or prior Director) has veto rights in case of tied votes.

On a Council member's death or revocation, the 7 remaining members elevate a new Councilor from the scientific personel.


The Military Leadership is under the direct control of the Director, who acts as Commander-in-Chief. The other Council members have no say in the Military decisions.

The Military itself is led by the High General, who is designed for a 1 year mandate by the Director himself. The current High General is:

  • High General Wells

All other military personnel is under the command of the High General.

Foreign Relations[]

The Wardens are members of the United Federation of Travelers.

  • Warm relations with the Geks. Economic treaties with factions in Woforssonsi and the surrounding regions.
  • Neutral relations with the Korvax. Minor scientific exchanges with the Convergence.
  • Cold relations with the Vy'keens. Minor mercenary contracts with rebel Vy'keen factions.
  • Cold to Hostile relations with the Sentinels.

Lore / Story[]

Communications Stations can be found within the Woforssonsi region and will give access to partial fan fiction story fragments involving the Wardens via .

At the moment, 0 Communication Stations have been laid out.


Fleet Reports[]

Name Picture Description
Moya 42 Moya 42.png Dreadnought class warship. The Moya is High General Wells personnal cruiser and holds wings of StarStreak fighters.
StarStreak 29A StarStreak 29A.png The StarStreak is the fighter class starship of the Wardens Military Wing. They are equipped with fully upgraded Infra-Knife Accelerators for long range engagements and Positron Ejectors for dogfighting.
Icarus 36 Icarus 36.png Capital class science vessel. Believed to be Dr. Moroe mobile base of operations.
Equinox 29S Equinox 29S.png Wardens science starships, used to explore new systems and space phenomenons.