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The subject of this article is from the Companions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 30 March, 2021.

This page fills the role of Embassy for the White Noise Civilized space community.
The information found here represents a user-created civilization hub that is a creative addition to the game.

White Noise
White Noise
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Region Nenaniiji
Capital system WN-1111
Capital planet Hyillie Minor
Coordinates LAVS:077A:0082:0972:005E
Portal Glyphs 105E03173F7B
Size Standard-R
Type Peacekeeping and Exploration
Founded by Flash Drive/FlashDriveBruh (
Platform PC/PS4/XBOX
Release Companions

White Noise is a civilized space community.


White Noise, sometimes abbreviated to WN, is an active civilization in No Man's Sky and an active part of the LGP. The main goal of White Noise is to function as a peacekeeping group, but also works on documenting all aspects of the region of space it occupies. White Noise aims to assist any player or civilization that requires aid, mainly through deployment of its powerful military.

White Noise officially occupies the region of Nenaniiji. Within this region White Noise Naming Guidelines are to be adhered to.


White Noise exists to serve and protect the players and civilizations of No Man's Sky that may otherwise find themselves at odds with other players and civilizations. White Noise functions of its own volition, but adheres to strict regulations before intervening in disputes and will ensure that it takes the most direct path to ensuring peace between all parties involved. As such, while it has a strong military force that may be deployed, White Noise will commonly attempt a diplomatic approach to resolving disputes before becoming hostile.

Besides militaristic intervention, White Noise also aims at aiding players in other ways, primarily through the documentation of the space it controls, trade and peace agreements it has forged with other civilizations, and the events it hosts across the region.


Joining White Noise can offer several benefits to players, including the following;

  • Protection - The White Noise military serves not only other players and civilizations, but also its own. Boasting one of the strongest Militaries of all civilized space, White Noise can and will protect all players from potential threats, no matter where in the galaxy.
  • Community - While not the largest civilization in the galaxy, members of White Noise form a close connection through a friendly and welcoming environment. Members can feel at ease in our community, and seeing consistent faces allows for many strong and lasting friendships to be made.
  • Documentation - White Noise is constantly documenting every aspect of the systems within its territory, allowing for quick location of any items required, be it Ships, Multitools, resources or technology. You can also contribute knowing you're aiding other players you are close to.

Regions Occupied

White Noise currently occupies 1 region of space.

  • Nenaniiji - This is the core of White Noise, and is also home to its capital planet, Hyillie Minor.

Naming Guidelines

Members of White Noise are asked to follow the naming guidelines should they discover a new system within White Noise territory. This consists of two parts;

  • WNX- - Where WN represents White Noise, and lets other travellers know that the system is within a region controlled by White Noise, and the X should be replaced with the region number.
  • Name - A custom name or the original procedurally generated name should be placed after the White Noise tag.

Players who wish not to follow the naming guidelines should not upload newly discovered systems within regions occupied by White Noise, and instead upload systems outside of White Noise regions.


To become a part of White Noise, you can;


The glyphs to WN-1111 are listed below.



A membership list can be found on the Census - White Noise page.

White Noise Census

Once accepted into White Noise, you should fill out the White Noise [Census]. This fulfills a few goals;

  • It gives the staff of White Noise a good idea of the size of its civilisation.
  • It allows other players to connect with one another more easily, by being able to identify gamemode, platform and home system.
  • It allows the White Noise staff to more easily organize events to be accessible to all members.

Systems Documented

System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
Virskyvi Ixilart Yellow PS4 Desolation
Spjalat-Ugr Nenaniiji Blue Power Generation Korvax 5 0 PC NextGen
WN-1111 Nenaniiji Yellow Trading Gek 6 0 PC NextGen
WN1-Fisdali-Pixin Nenaniiji Blue Power Generation Uncharted 5 1 PC NextGen
WN1-Iplomati Nenaniiji Green Manufacturing Korvax 5 1 PC NextGen
WN1-Issamlas Nenaniiji Yellow Trading Korvax 6 0 PC NextGen
WN1-Muminin XIV Nenaniiji Red Mining Uncharted 6 0 PC NextGen
WN1-Natudup Nenaniiji Yellow Power Generation Korvax 4 0 PC NextGen
WN1-Ofnuna Nenaniiji Red Mining Uncharted 6 0 PC NextGen
WN1-Skopimuu IX Nenaniiji Red Trading Uncharted 5 1 PC NextGen
WN1-Timpse VI Nenaniiji Red Technology Uncharted 6 0 PC NextGen



White Noise Rules and Regulations

  1. Harassment & Hate
    1. Be nice to others, and keep all discussions civil.
    2. Do not organise, participate in or encourage harassment of others.
    3. Disagreements happen, but continuous, repetitive or severely negative comments may cross the line into harassment and are not tolerated.
  2. NSFW
    1. Like a good fight, keep it clean.
    2. There is too much to list every weird thing that isn't allowed, but a good rule of thumb to go by is: if you think it's too sexual, it probably is, and shouldn't be posted.
    3. Just be aware that you don't know who you may be talking to, and to keep any banter respectful and age appropriate. Youngsters also play No Man's Sky.
  3. Graphic and/or Gross Content
    1. This one is a bit more straightforward; don't post real gore or graphic violence to shock other members.
    2. Don't post anything that depicts any kind of mutilation, torture or harm to any being. And don't post anything that glorifies or encourages any of the above.
  4. Self-Promotion and Advertising
    1. You may not directly advertise or promote yourself or others. This includes posting links to other Discord servers.
    2. A serious violation of this rule is poaching or directly soliciting members of the White Noise community. We are not against competition, however our members wish to enjoy their time in our community without harassment.
    3. Do not post advertisements with the intent to solicit members, or advertise a competitive Discord, as this will violate our guidelines and result in an immediate ban.
  5. Politics and Religion
    1. Please avoid discussions concerning politics, religion and similarly controversial topics. Not only is it irrelevant to No Man's Sky, it often leads to conflict where there needn't be any.
    2. Everyone should be able to come together to play No Man's Sky and enjoy the community, without worrying about political stance, religion or other beliefs and values.
  6. Selling and Buying
    1. Do not attempt to make a sale or sell anything within the White Noise Discord. This extends to any medium. We are not a Discord for trade.
  7. Leadership Disputes
    1. Leadership decisions in White Noise are final, and are to be respected. If you disagree with a decision you are entitled to voice your opinion respectfully, and if needed a decision may be changed at the discretion of the leadership. Otherwise, the decision must be followed and respected by all members of White Noise.
  8. Assistance and Pinging
    1. If you have any issues, contact one of the leadership team directly, and they will work to help solve your issue as best they can.
    2. Do not excessively ping a member of staff or any other member for any reason, as it will not resolve your issue faster, and will only serve to make those pinged annoyed and less cooperative. Excessive pinging can also result in a mute or ban.
  9. Channel Relevancy
    1. Always keep the topic relevant to the channel you are in. This helps ensure that conversation flows smoothly throughout the server, and aids new members in understanding the layout of the server.
    2. Slight deviations from the topic can be allowed if the conversation warrants, but such conversations should return on-topic shortly after. Otherwise the conversation should be moved to a more appropriate channel.