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The subject of this article is from the Frontiers update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 15 February, 2022.


This page will provide short articles on new updates to the NMS wiki that may prove useful to wiki editors and readers. These may include new infobox parameters, new reference pages, updates on page standards, etc. etc. If you have suggestions or comments, leave a note on the talk page. Entries will stay on this page for three months.

Syntax Editing and Purple Text (10 Oct 2021)[]

A change was recently made by Fandom that has affected the appearance of page editing. This is most notable due to the purple text and dotted lines between each line of code. As this makes it inconvenient to edit, here's how to turn it back off (which we highly recommend that you do). Refer to the screenshots in the gallery if needed.

  1. Edit My Preferences (lower left)
  2. Go to the Editing tab. Make sure your Preferred Editor says Source Editor. If not, change it and save your preferences.
  3. Edit a page and in the toolbar, find the Advanced button/dropdown at the top. Look directly to the left for an icon that looks like a highlight marker with a tooltip of "Syntax Highlighting". Click this button to turn off the formatting.

If this does not solve the issue, feel free to contact the admin team.

Expiring Civs and Companies (12 Sept 2021)[]

Official recognition of civspaces and companies by this wiki is dependent on continued activity IN the wiki. As a result, a review is done whenever a new named version of No Man's Sky is released (Frontiers, for example). Those that have not been active for three months or more are removed from the recognized list.

The following civspaces and companies have been inactive for this time period, and will be removed on September 22 if no updates have been made. Updates can include new star or planet pages, a new base page, an update to the embassy page or other information.


List of Companies:

Preload Template updates (1 Sept 2021)[]

All preload templates have been updated to default to Frontiers when loaded. If there are catalogue or other framework pages you see that should be updated to Frontiers but are not, contact the admin team.

CARGO table updates (27 Aug 2021)[]

The CARGO table for Bases now includes a variety of fields that are used for creating census pages.