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This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

YES Recovery Project
YES Recovery Project
Galaxy Eissentam
Quadrant Alpha Quadrant
Region Orweiwe Cluster
HQ System Astvuiut IX
Headquarters The Keeper Base
Founded by NunkiII
Type NpC
Services Exploring
Platform PS4
Updated Expeditions

YES Recovery Project is a company.

Summary[edit | edit source]

YES Recovery Project (YRP) is a Company in No Man´s Sky.

Mission[edit | edit source]

The YES Recovery Project came into life after any questions and answers from Digga2099 on his home planet were sorted through a rift in time into an unmanageable collection of useless fragments.

After a long time, the council of the elders came to the conclusion that they should get on the trail for the one, the lost Yes, the answer of it all, which they believed they could find in distant galaxies. The knowledge of old technologies could be preserved, reactivated and used to start the Yes Recovery Project in the age of NextGen through the tidal rift.

After Digga2099 had left the galaxy Euclid behind, the first suspicions were made that there might be indications of the whereabouts of the YES in the Orweiwe Cluster in the galaxy Eissentam. Successes in this regard have not yet been documented.

Current Expeditions[edit | edit source]

Mission Tag Status
The Known Systems of Orweiwe Cluster No tag Active
YRP Alpha-Border Route YRP Active
YRP to the Edge of the Galaxy xxx(counter)YRP In preparation

Naming Conventions[edit | edit source]

Classification Prefix Suffix
The unknown (any platform)-systems of Orweiwe Cluster YRP (PC)/(Xbox)
The discovered Ps4 & untagged & named systems of Orweiwe Cluster No tag (PC)/(Xbox)

Discovered Yes/yes will be renamed in capital letters YES.

Discoveries[edit | edit source]

System Discoveries[edit | edit source]

System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
YRP Padnog Eissentam Yellow Material Fusion Gek 3 2 Companions
YRP Shnyev Eissentam Yellow Material Fusion Vy'keen 5 1 Companions
Astvuiut IX Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Alchemical Korvax 6 0 PS4 NextGen
Ginost-Hoga Orweiwe Cluster Yellow High Voltage Gek 2 0 PS4 Companions
Iruite XI Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Fuel Generation Korvax 6 0 PS4 NextGen
Kubansky III Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Fuel Generation Vy'keen 5 1 PS4 NextGen
Lonerc XVI Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Technology Gek 4 0 PS4 NextGen
Miskayvin II Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Research Vy'keen 4 2 PS4 NextGen
Naytvalap VIII Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Power Generation Korvax 4 2 PS4 NextGen
Neudin Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Trading Vy'keen 3 1 PS4 NextGen
Obyechn Orweiwe Cluster Red Uncharted 6 0 PS4 NextGen
Okuybiys Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Prospecting Korvax 5 0 PS4 NextGen
Reyevo-Eni Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Ore Extraction Vy'keen 2 0 PS4 Companions
Sebeytz Orweiwe Cluster Blue Technology Gek 3 0 PS4 NextGen
Tekamens XIV Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Shipping Korvax 6 0 PS4 NextGen
Uriyevol Orweiwe Cluster Red Uncharted 3 1 PS4 NextGen
Voorui XIII Orweiwe Cluster Green not available Korvax Abandoned 4 2 PS4 NextGen
Yamakand Orweiwe Cluster Red Uncharted 4 0 PS4 NextGen
YRP Bestop-Oza Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Trading Gek 6 0 Companions
YRP Elziam-Amynu Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Manufacturing Korvax 3 2 PS4 Companions
YRP Ryovoroit Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Scientific Korvax 4 0 Companions
YRP Toyevoi-Disbor Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Trading Korvax 4 0 PS4 Companions
YRP Uryevs V Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Mass Production Gek 5 0 PS4 Companions
YRP YESayevk Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Technology Vy'keen 4 2 PS4 Companions
YRP Yungrat-Nisep Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Engineering Vy'keen 5 0 PS4 Companions
Zeyvaye-Seung II Orweiwe Cluster Yellow Scientific Korvax 4 0 PS4 NextGen

Starship Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Location[edit | edit source]

The Keeper Base
YRP Alpha-Border

Headquarters[edit | edit source]

The company headquarters, The Keeper Base, is located in the Astvuiut IX star system. This system is part of the Orweiwe Cluster in the Eissentam galaxy.

Coordinates[edit | edit source]


Glyphs[edit | edit source]


Operation Bases[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

  • Left Euclid in 11/2020
  • Arrived Eissentam in 11/2020
  • YES Recovery Project was born in 03/2021 for better documentation of the Orweiwe Cluster. Further missions in belief of finding signs of the YES are planned.

Partnerships[edit | edit source]

No partnerships are planned.

The company is created with the kind support of Alliance of Galactic Travellers.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Pets are on the way for further discoveries.

Joining[edit | edit source]

Information supporting the project will be examined. Negotiated reward.

Employees[edit | edit source]

Member name Faction Homeplanet
PS4 Digga2099 Gek Etiiqajaelsa
V. Footmatae alias Orainiva Biological Entity Tuwanama VI
P. Crowrocae alias Larva-Larva Biological Entity Bifri Tau

Gallery[edit | edit source]