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Yokoju Fringe
Yokoju Fringe
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Civilized space Arcadian Republic
Updated Synthesis
Disambig.png This article is about the current version of the region. For the NEXT version, see Yokoju Fringe (NEXT).

Yokoju Fringe is a region of the Euclid galaxy.


Yokoju Fringe is a region of the Euclid galaxy currently being mapped as part of The Arcadia Project, a government department of the Arcadian Republic.

Alias names[]

All Pathfinder: Yokojulia Adjunct
All Atlas Rises: Yokoju Fringe (NEXT)
All Beyond: Yokoju Fringe

Region Capital[]

Explorers from the Arcadian Republic are currently searching for a new capital system and planet. Until a suitable one is found the planet Heartfiord in the Zevangi-Omemo system will act as the temporary capital.

The planet Ormund in the Ulgroth system was the capital of the Yokoju Fringe during the Atlas Rises era.

Civilized Space[]

Emblem for the Arcadian Republic.

The Yokoju Fringe is home to the Arcadian Republic which was founded on the 13th of August, 2017.

Documented Systems[]

System Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
Advosk-Poch Mercantile Vy'keen 3 2 PS4 Beyond
Anrogo-Hebin Ore Processing Vy'keen 4 PS4 Atlas Rises
Arovskin Material Fusion Vy'keen 2 PS4 Atlas Rises
Aterperon Mathematical Gek 3 0 PS4 Atlas Rises
Ausuu Construction Gek 2 PS4 Atlas Rises
Ayvorskov Manufacturing Vy'keen 4 0 PS4 Atlas Rises
Bakino Experimental Vy'keen 3 PS4 Atlas Rises
Bestvo Power Generation Gek 4 1 PS4 Atlas Rises
Binni Research Gek 1 0 PS4 Abyss
Bodnik-Geyere Yellow Scientific Korvax 3 0 PS4 Abyss
Borthunor Ore Extraction Gek 5 0 PS4 Abyss
Chyegorn Material Fusion Vy'keen 3 1 PS4 Atlas Rises
Crossivin Research Vy'keen 4 2 PS4 Visions
Dikaris Prospecting Korvax 6 PS4 Atlas Rises
Disoligaily Fuel Generation Vy'keen 2 PS4 Atlas Rises
Emryung Metal Processing Vy'keen 2 1 PS4 Atlas Rises
Esvelugac Trading Gek 2 0 PS4 Atlas Rises
Foslozon Shipping Gek 2 PS4 Atlas Rises
Frenallo Nano-Construction Korvax 4 0 PS4 Atlas Rises
Gollorn Engineering Vy'keen 3 3 PS4 Abyss


Connecting Regions[]