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The subject of this article is from the Beyond update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 27 November, 2019.
Galaxy Euclid
Region Yokoju Fringe
Spectral class F3pf
Planet(s) 5
Moon(s) 0
Faction Korvax
Economy Commercial
Wealth Opulent
Conflict level Mild
Claimed by Arcadian Republic
Discovered by 18th of August, 2016 by User:Axiom1380
Discovery platform PS4
Game Mode Normal
Updated Beyond

Zevangi-Omemo is a star system.


Zevangi-Omemo is a star system located in the Yokoju Fringe region of the Euclid Galaxy.

The system was the capital of the The Arcadia Project during the Pathfinder era. While the system is no longer the true capital it is under protection by the Arcadian Republic for its historical significance, and will be acting as a temporary capital until one can be found.

Alias names[]

All Pathfinder: Zivangiseppu
All Atlas Rises: Zevangi-Omemo
All Beyond: Zevangi-Omemo


  • Arcadia - Once the capital planet of The Arcadia Project, Arcadia is now a toxic ocean world.
  • Wakame Tau - An icy Garden World.
  • Vlek - A lush garden world during the Atlas Rises era, Vlek is now a ringed world devoid of life.
  • Pata Nui - This old frozen world has had a climate shift and is now an arid planet.
  • Heartfiord - This previously dead world has had life return and is now an icy garden world.

Space Stations[]

One Space station located in orbit above the planet Arcadia.

Intelligent Life[]

Zevangi-Omemo is a Korvax dominated system.

Additional Info[]

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